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MC Enacted Leafblower Phaseout Legislation

Click here to see new MC law and legislative history

Equipment, Rebates, Contractors
Local Government Action

Town of Chevy Chase MD - Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Partial Ban Ordinance (10.5 months/year)

Town of Somerset, MD

"Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Ban Now Begins on September 1, 2022," Somerset Town Journal Dec. 2021  

"Ban Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers," Mother Earth Project


Washington Post: :"The problem with gas-powered leaf blowers" by Allyson Chiu November 5, 2023

James Fallows blog - "September Song: The 50 Autumns of the Leaf Blower: We've just lived through 50 years of an invention that transformed neighborhood life in much of America, the gas-powered leaf blower. That era is coming to an end." Sept. 12, 2023

Icahn School of Medicine: "Gas Leaf Blowers are Health Hazards," Dec. 5, 2022

Maryland Matters by MD Delegate Foley: "There's a More Environmentally Sound, Quieter Way to Clear Our Yards," Feb. 2022

James Fallows blog: "Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers Are Going Away. Really." Oct. 4, 2022

Washington Post: "Lawn care is going electric. And the revolution is here to stay." June 30, 2021

 "From conservative Alabama to crunchy California, electric lawn equipment is quietly sweeping the nation."

Washington Post Letter to the Editor: "A simple fix for Montgomery County’s climate promise," April 21, 2021

NYTimes: "The Robots Are Coming…to Mow Your Lawn," April 6, 2021

"Gas-power yard equipment spews noise and pollutants. Newer models, using batteries or electricity, are quieter and greener, and might even manage themselves."

Atlantic Monthly:  "Get Off My Lawn": 

"How a small group of activists (our correspondent among them) got leaf blowers banned in the nation’s capital' by James Fallows, Atlantic Monthly, April 2019

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